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Circuit board recycling machine

Aluminum copper radiator recycling machine here is a simple design but high efficient equipment for recycling waste radiators by stripping the aluminum foil from copper tubes, and then get double recycling of both aluminum and copper. This copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is a single-unit design with small land occupy size, easy to operate, but could make 100% recovery rate of aluminum and copper from waste radiators, low investment high benefit.

Working Process - Aluminum Copper Radiator Recycling Machine

From this video, you could check how waste radiators are recycled to get aluminum and copper through the stripping process. You'll find out it's a very easy business to start with.

Specification - Aluminum Copper Radiator Recycling Machine

Model Capacity Dimension Power Weight Separation Rate
DY-850 500-600kg/h 1700*1000*1100mm 5.5kw 750kg 99.9%
DY-1200 800-1000kg/h 2100*1150*1100mm 7.5kw 1250kg

Advantages - Aluminum Copper Radiator Recycling Machine

Main advantages of aluminum copper radiator recycling machine

With the PLC control system, it could make the PCB recycling machine fully automatic with stable performance, easy to operate. And the PCB recycling machine is designed with integrated type compact structure which could save land occupy size and easy to install. Further with the on-the-spot installation, commissioning and operation training service, it would avoid your trouble on installation and operation. During PCB recycling process, PCB would be firstly shredded or crushed, then sieved by rotatory vibrating screen and separated through air separation and electrostatic separation, which could achieve the recovery rate to 99.9%.
A: Car radiator separators price is mainly decided by the input radiator shape and the processing capacity.
A:car radiator contains precious mental copper and aluminum,so it can be recycled and car radiator recycling machine is profitable.
A:radiator tank separation machine is designed to process scrap aluminum copper radiator and it is easy to operate.

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